smoke (something like autobiography, only without the life)

medical notes (my life as a ray)

a report on the moon

goat boiled and other soups (a record of a visit to the sporadic islands: skiathos, skopelos, alonnysos)



essays on literature and history             (including shakespeare and other literary topics)

interjections of silence : the poetics and politics of radical protestant writing 1642-1660

the (ne)gated community: writing on the cultural boundaries.



5 pieces in the voice of SATAN

certain sermons, lessons and homilies of the

church of elvis


plus: occasional (topical, satirical) and humorous pieces



the idealist (excerpt)

on reflection (excerpt)


poems                    early poems                                                              selected poems

                          mock verse (for crabs)                      

poems for hazel                                          hospital poems