peter pick and richard miles renew their collaboration in a new form. the manipulation of pre-recorded loops combines with the playing of various peculiar stringed instruments, some of which have had their frets cruelly removed. this mixture of unpredictable improvisation and selected nuggets from across the universe combines solidity with surprise. we are confident that you will enjoy this new style, and hope that you will care to sample it below. a CD release is planned for the near future, but as yet we are having some trouble in restricting the output to a reasonable level.

a 10 CD boxed set does not seem suitable as a debut release......



a double cd entitled       point of entry    will be released shortly, and will cost 10.


here are 2 pieces you can try out which are on point of entry:

opening violins

sing a long sky





new recordings from peter pick. 12 songs in typically tragicomical style.


listen to           let me down

                    just can't stand it

time i wasted

          uncanny (special version)


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