brahma chop


2 drummers, 2 contrasting guitars, a succession of great bass-players; the senile ramblings of rock's final dementia, a dazzling array of disordered fragments plucked from the seething air.

an exciting new range of meat products

This was already 'post-rock' before the post arrived. Somewhere between Miles Davis, Can and Captain Beefheart, brahma chop poke around in the squelchy things left behind by the ebbing tide of popular music.



generic clapton

studio recordings.

Includes the whole of 'HEARTH', the 45rpm brahma chop album and the other previously unreleased tracks from those sessions.......            

love train, distance, factory, chemical boy, trance fever, the man you recognise, dreams, telephone song, the water, oh! that government spokesman!  this is the formal, properly arranged, thoroughly rehearsed and all dressed up in its clothes chop doing some surprisingly sophisticated and delicate things, while not neglecting their usual emphasis on atmosphere and expressivity.

not always nice, of course.

but sometimes beautiful.


listen to           distance

                                  telephone song


                                          trance fever




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English krautrock with a distinctive twist. All the fragile violence of love.

listen to   fresh

            stroke it up


all those things you never knew you needed



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Something strange has happened. Everything seems to have been picked up and thrown around. I can't tell if anything's missing, it just doesn't seem to make sense anymore.


listen to            into the golden


                          new age music

all for you



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get it while it's gone


b. chop were a kicking live band in various incarnations. This cd features legendary live performances at All Saints and the Brighton Urban Free Festival, including otherwise unavailable material from the frankly beautiful 'Give Myself Away', to the fiercely ugly and demented 'Family Man' and 'Hideous Blood', through 'My Escape', 'Hip-Cap', 'Bullshit', 'Sales Talk', plus live versions of 'the Water', 'Chemical Boy' and 'Factory' and more. more than an hour of it.

funk, indie-pop, metal, grunge, blues; bewildering time signatures; sudden shifts of tempo; incomprehensible ravings; stops and starts; big men hitting metal cans; rock fusion goes dance crazy on party night.

brahma chop live. brahma chop dead.  what could be better?


listen to       give myself away

                  my escape

                           holy grill

oh! that government spokesman!

                 family man



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demo tapes

multitrack recordings from brahma chop that were not part of, and post-date the 'hearth' sessions. hear the last desperate gasps of rock music as we close our fingers more tightly round its throat. featuring various line-ups of the band with marco, richard miles, rick patten, marcus ripley, paul kennedy, matt lowerson, dave bailes and a drum machine. includes 'the tide', 'new age pension', 'the new manager of hell' 'family man', 'bullshit' and other ambitious, peculiar and dangerous obscurities.


listen to  

        the tide

              the new manager of hell




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