aural witness

for more than 20 years aural witness has been recording and releasing improvised music, songs, instrumentals, all combinations of the above and anything in between.

we are pleased to make available a revised cd catalogue and much streamed and i hope downloadable material in mp3 format.



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live sex


brahma chop

peter pick


all cd's are available by mail for 10 inclusive (u.k.), $20 (u.s.), which is clearly a mere fraction of their value.



live sex



an expression of faith  

studio recordings, first released in 1984 in Britain and America. 5 star review in Sounds (which no longer exists) calls it a 'monumental achievement'. Popular on the College radio circuit in the U.S., it features the classic songs 'Ayatollah', 'Baby Grenade', 'Heart of the Matter', 'Love Goes Hungry' and 'Beast' among others. LIVE SEX take 60's psychedelia, 70's glam and punk and 80's synth-pop and make something perfectly itself.

listen to        baby grenade


           love goes hungry

                        heart of the matter




faulty jazz 

pastoral improvisations from the crazed innocence of their youth, this is the essence of their creative act, veering from naive lyricism to lurching rock.

listen to      glider

                         the sludge of beyond


                swing machine

                           christians in meat scandal




electric soup 

further improvised music, of a more sophisticated character. As played by grumpy old John Peel on Radio 1, rather against his will, I thought. Extreme, unpredictable, aggressive and lyrical, late LIVE SEX is sinuous, fluid and astonishingly assured, for something teetering constantly on the edge of chaos.

listen to    swamp-hearted


the bonds/kiss of sea





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head cleaner

sizzling avant-garde and melodic improvisations from the mighty beings, includes 2 songs, loads of percussion and an alarmingly uncluttered outlook.

listen to                 plane


                                                 not a rock


<something more about the beings>


brahma chop

2 drummers, 2 guitars, a succession of great bass-players; the senile ramblings of rock's final dementia, a dazzling array of disordered fragments plucked from the seething air.

an exciting new range of meat products

This was already 'post-rock' before the post arrived. Somewhere between Miles Davis, Can and Captain Beefheart, brahma chop poke around in the squelchy things left behind by the ebbing tide of popular music.



generic clapton

studio recordings.

Includes the whole of 'HEARTH', the 45rpm brahma chop album and the other previously unreleased tracks from those sessions.......            

'Love Train', 'Distance', 'Factory', 'The man you recognise', 'Telephone song', etc. etc.

this is the formal, arranged, rehearsed and all dressed up in its clothes chop doing some surprising things with a bloated corpse.

not always nice, of course.

but sometimes beautiful.


listen to     distance

                             telephone song


                                            trance fever






English krautrock with a distinctive twist. All the fragile violence of love.

listen to   fresh

            stroke it up


all those things (you never knew you needed)





Something strange has happened. Everything seems to have been picked up and thrown around. I can't tell if anything's missing, it just doesn't seem to make sense anymore.


listen to            into the golden


                          new age music

all for you




get it while it's gone


b. chop were a kicking live band in various incarnations. This cd features legendary live performances at All Saints and the Brighton Urban Free Festival, including otherwise unavailable material from the frankly beautiful 'Give Myself Away', to the fiercely ugly and demented 'Family Man' and 'Hideous Blood', through 'My Escape', 'Hip-Cap', 'Bullshit', 'Sales Talk', plus live versions of 'the Water', 'Chemical Boy' and 'Factory' and more. more than an hour of it.

funk, indie-pop, metal, grunge, blues; bewildering time signatures; sudden shifts of tempo; incomprehensible ravings; stops and starts; big men hitting metal cans; rock fusion goes dance crazy on party night.

brahma chop live. brahma chop dead.  what could be better?


listen to       give myself away

                  my escape

                           holy grill

oh! that government spokesman!

                 family man




demo tapes

multitrack recordings from brahma chop made after the hearth sessions. various line-ups with marco, richard miles, rick patten, marcus ripley, paul kennedy, matt lowerson, dave bailes and a drum machine. includes 'the tide', 'new age pension', 'the new manager of hell' 'family man', 'bullshit' and other ambitious obscurities.


listen to            new age pension

the tide

                         the new manager of hell


<something more about brahma chop>


peter pick

sex and religion

a selection of songs from various solo recordings made by Peter Pick over a 15 year period and featuring him as singer, guitarist, saxophonist, percussionist, lyricist, programmer, engineer, songwriter, producer and ultimately victim.

listen to          perfectly normal world

          we're all living on american radio







new recordings from peter pick. 12 songs in typically tragicomical style.

listen to           let me down

                    just can't stand it

          uncanny (special version)

full track list:

1  let me down

2  just can't stand it

3  decoupling

4  think

5  never coming home

6  uncanny

7  breathe

8  time i wasted

9  even there

10 the angels

11 the gatefold dead

12 nobody knows

+ uncanny 3


<something more about peter pick>






meshmass see their music not only as a self-contained musical experience (that is, something to listen to) but also as an opensource soundtrack for arts projects and collaborative work. for an annual subscription of 10, 12 or $15 they undertake to provide at least 60 minutes of new meshmassmusic per month.

please apply to

they welcome the use of their music as ambience in exhibition spaces, shops, restaurants and other public areas, and actively encourage its use in video, film, theatre, dance, drama and art installations. remixes, looping and collaborative projects are welcome.


as meshmass peter pick and richard miles reconvene their long-standing collaboration in a new format. pick manipulates pre-recorded loops and plays the alto saxophone and richard plays various peculiar stringed instruments, some of which have had their frets cruelly and perhaps unwisely removed, through a complicated pedalboard. the combination, a mixture of unpredictable improvisation and selected nuggets contrives to combine solidity with surprise. we are confident that you will enjoy this new style, and hope that you will care to sample it below. a CD release is planned for the near future, but as yet we are having some trouble in restricting the output to an economically viable level.

a 10 CD boxed set does not seem practicable as a debut release......

meshmass  will soon make available a double cd (having struggled through all the problems indicated above) which selects a tiny proportion of the music produced during their first 6 months. this is to be called

point of entry

and will cost only 10. they hope it will act as an introduction to their developing soundfield.


opening violins

sing a long sky


further meshmass information here                                                                                          




other work



'disableton project'


new music made in a different way out of bits of old music and things i found on the floor. for starters we can try


the birds


which is constructed from some birdsong i recorded in spain, some saba-saba music from mozambique, and a little piece of live sex from the early 1980's.





pure abstract and compound vocal music (with drum machine) from Peter Pick.

very ugly and stupid.

listen to                  liminal




peter pick makes vocal loop improvisations with a strange hypnotic quality.

you wouldn't like it

(unless you did.)


         'holding these things so close'




live and tape performances of poems by Peter Pick.

not as bad as you'd think.



listen to                 skaters